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SouthPark neighborhood Projects


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41 minutes ago, Crown said:

Pretty sure they are combining forces with SouthPark Grill 

Will SouthPark Grill go away or just feature steaks from Halls?  

I do hope to see more variety in SouthPark. Oak, The Palm, Del Friscos, Ruth’s Chris etc.. are all good.  And the new steak place slated to open, forgot the name, looks incredible.

But, I want to see more places like legion open in the area.  Am excited to see a Mama Ricattas open across from the mall.  I am sure it will be more expensive that Midtown, but a good addition.  

Anyone been to the new place that replaced Treehouse?

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1 hour ago, InSouthPark said:

The "Space for Lease" signs are down recently at the old George Brasserie spot in Piedmont Town Center.   Any one have any inside knowledge?  

Someone on here suggested Bentley's may be  moving there from their Uptown location

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3 hours ago, KJHburg said:

One thing those photos show is how many "twin" buildings are in the Southpark area.  Twin Southpark towers, twin Piedmont Row towers, twin Capitol towers, twin Fairview Plaza towers,    Maybe they should rename  the mall the Twin Pines Mall and plant 2 pine trees at each entrance as long has no one runs over it aka Back to the Future. 

Cheap developers with little vision = lots of twins.

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9 hours ago, NCMike1990 said:

New aerials of the Liberty mixed-use project.



Screenshot (184).png

Not in love with the “twins”......and more is on the way with Apex.  But, the density of Southpark is definitely on the rise.  Wasn’t long ago when a butterfly exhibit was at Piedmont Town next to a nasty old 3 story building.

looks like a lot of land remains in front of the Liberty project, other than a hotel, what else is going there?

On 6/27/2019 at 1:11 PM, J-Rob said:

Looks like core drilling going on at the corner of Morrison and Coca-Cola Plaza.   I have always thought this was too prominent a location in South Park to remain a green field.   Does anyone have any insight into what the core drilling might be for or if there is a developer involved?


No idea, but would love to see a 10 ish + story building with retail on the street.  And, while we are at it, replace all of the street lights on Morrison and Barclay Downs.

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The "core drilling" is most likely a soils boring that is testing the density and bearing capacity of the soil on the site.  This is usually done immediately prior to building design, but might also be done by an owner that is putting the property on the market and wanting to know upfront if there are any potential problems before the sale.

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12 hours ago, SydneyCarton said:

Does anyone know when The Colony will be vacated and demolished?

I think I heard they will demo in phases starting later this year.  Don't remember where or how reliable that info is.  Anyone have a friend with a lease there?  That might provide some insight.

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2 hours ago, Commoner said:

Southpark Grill Update:

The rumors of the grill's demise (or Hall's arrival) are premature.  They full revamped their dinner menu, and are serving very good steaks and typical accoutrement.  Give them a try.  

The building permits Halls filed say differently...

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