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Greenville Auto Mile Ideas


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Current developments known:

Spinx added at old Suzuki dealer (are they also using the old Oil change facility?)

Quicktrip added to dirt lot on corner of Laurens and Woodruff

The I85-Laurens interchange is scheduled for remodel (when is this to be completed?)



1. Power lines put beneath ground

2. 3 lane road added (includes median, though most of it would be landscaped) behind stores NE of Laurens Rd from Woodruff Rd to Verdae. This would hug the old railroad and would meet at a 4 way stop with the Bonaventure circle. Would would allow mixed use space to develop behind the older businesses.

3. Henderson would be extended from where it currently ends on Laurens to the new road.

4. Market Place Rd would go through to the new road.

5. Old Woodruff Rd sold to developer of Burlington, etc.

6. Kellet Dr. sold to Bradshaw (no need for the city to have this when it just wraps around Bradshaw anyway.

7. I believe the old railway is the planned Bus only route. If this can not be done, wait til it could used for a light rail.

Business Ideas:

1. Encourage Fairway Ford to update building. By Ford dealer rules, Lincoln will probably need to take over either used car building that Fairway owns

2. Encourage Big O to remodel and have heir used car building be remodeled to be a Fiat dealer.

3. Encourage Sitton to reopen their old GMC-Pontiac building just for GMC. They have been using the lot out front and even put GMC back up on the board above.

4. Have Steve White Audi move up to the old BMW dealer. Of the 3 buildings on site...1 for new cars, 1 for used cars, 1 for their e-trons and hybrids. Old Audi dealer becomes VW pre-owned.

5. IKEA takes over old Sam's club.

6. Tata wants Jaguar and LR dealers to merge. Old Saturn dealer would be perfect. With Porsche sales expanding, they need the room of the building. Current LR building might need to go when they finally redo the Pleasetburg-Laurens interchange (old bridge needs to go to allow 3 lanes under it).

Any ideas for you?

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They need to do something at the entrance of CarMax. It's a nightmare trying to get across Laurens Rd. only to stop in that terrible median and then pull back out into the other lanes.

I hope the whole area gets fixed when they redo the ramp system. The medians for the entire road should have trees and bushes with established turn lanes.

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