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Back9 at Constitution Plaza


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Definitely great news for the city and Constitution Plaza. I agree that the state needs to be even more aggressive and become more business friendly but I'm sure we have some different ideas about many areas. We can both agree though that media is something that is not easily outsourced to low wage countries and it's an industry where developing a nexus is really important. The head of this network has now labeled CT as the sports media capital of the world and says it was a huge part of his decision to set down roots here.


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I agree, but it can still be salvaged and turned into a lively part of the city. I'd like to see even more housing planned for the plaza. This side of downtown really needs housing more than most parts of downtown.

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Hey, with the clarion slated for 199 small apartments, we will have 200-250 residents on the plaza. IF AI Engineers does as most recently stated and adds 185 apartments to their buildings design, that would likely be an additional 250 residents at least.

that should help.

the Norther bit of the plaza is the real issue. the one smaller office building next to CT river plaza I suppose has value, but is a little undersized in a city center. the office building the city uses is doing its job I suppose but might work better again as apartments.... just move the offices into the previously mentioned building.

the corner over on Market street is the real issue. its 1 story and just useless. the physical plant is over there and I bet its sooo damn outdated that it could all be torn out and used to better connect to the city as well as add retail. only loss there would be the duncan donuts and we have enough of them for sure :) It would find a new home on the plaza I am certain.

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