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New Belgium Brewery


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This is old news by now, but New Belgium plans to spend $175 million to open an East Coast brewing operation in Asheville's river district. Between the state and the city, a total of $3.5 million in incentives will be paid in the form of infrastructure improvements and tax reductions.

They will be located on the west side of the river between Haywood and Craven on the old Stockyards site.

Yesterday there was a meeting where they outlined their plans including the general layout of the site as well as the infrastructure improvements the city will be responsible for. I can't find much detail about it online yet though. The brewery itself will be built on fill to bring it out of the 100 year floodplain. Greenways, bike lanes, road realignments, intersection modifications, public parking, a public river access will be included in what will be built by the city. New Belgium will build an outdoor event space of some sort in addition to the brewery, offices, and tasting room.

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