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Chinese build homes on roof of 5-story city center mall


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I'm not even sure where to begin with that...

Spacious house? Sure. But you're on top of a building and your yard consists of pipes...and because of the setback and the outer wall, you don't really have much of a view, either. I mean, I like the (mostly) green roof aspect...but it doesn't make for a great living space.

I mean, they could've added hundreds of units on top...that's going to make a bigger impact for a fast growing space. They could've added hundreds of units, built a large central courtyard, and if folks want a spacious place, they could've put penthouses on top with their own private lawns.

How many of these 4 unit developments would they need to help reach their demand for "more spaciousness." I mean, it's a city! If you want to live close to work, live in the city. If you want more space, live outside the city. I can't imagine that the "space" they have reminds them anything of the countryside.

SMH....only the Chinese.

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