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BROADWEST (former West End Summit), 36 story Conrad Hilton Hotel/condo tower, 22 story/510,000 sq. ft. office tower, 4 story/125,000 sq. ft. retail/office, 1 acre plaza, 2,500 car garage, $490 million

it's just dave

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44 minutes ago, TNinVB said:

Sorry if this has been discussed already, but when did the design of the office tower change? It looks very different from the renderings and model with the two open areas. Not saying I don't like it, but it appears that there was some value engineering.. 

Perhaps they were getting demand from potential leases for a second "notch." That's really the only difference other than a very slight protrusion of the two floors below the single notch in the rendering. 

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3 hours ago, smeagolsfree said:

Great shots gman430. Welcome to Nashville and it looks as if you are having a great time with the drone. Maybe you can just move here and take weekly shots. We have a bunch getting ready to start in 2021.

Yeah gman…thanks a lot!  Please come back soon.  Those are amazing shots.

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I just hope it's not all in vain-that the new year brings a beginning to the end of the pandemic and people start returning to Nashville and businesses get going again and hotels start filling up again.

A lot of hotel rooms coming available in the next year or two-I'm a little scared but hopeful just the same.

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My take...  I think the pandemic has just started a flood of people out of the largest cities that will only continue as the lockdowns ease up. Space and cost are the drivers, all couched in the fear of many in those large cities that they didn't have a lot of self-determination in lockdown.  (My own city-bred wife has been talking of late about getting a cabin ("off the grid" as she puts it) somewhere around Tellico, but she's something of a hard-ass in general).  Companies and their highly-paid executives have already taken notice and started to move out of dysfunctional areas.  Let's not forget, a senior executive making $350-500K in NYC will see an immediate raise of $15K-40K saved in local income taxes alone in Nashville, not to mention the drastically lower cost of living in general.  That's an annual budget for a house they'd never be able to touch in suburban NJ/NY/CT. Space and cost!  Heck, with that budget a person could take her family of four to NYC several times a year and to shop, go to shows and stay in the nicest hotels. Unfortunately, so many retail establishments in those places will take years to recover.

Let's not overlook the real revolution that COVID ushered in, remote meetings. In the legal field alone, there has been a dramatic change in doing business where we used to drive to locations for depositions and meetings we now do on Zoom/WebX-Webex/FT/Skype etc.  Despite some stumbles here and there vis-a-vis adjusting to online meeting, people are adapting very well.  Even I finally got those apps installed at home for business use and I'm probably the least tech savvy person of my age. With that huge change is acceptance with a greater desire for larger properties with many actually now 'officing' from their homes. Everyday it seems we hear about another several companies from CA, IL, NY, etc. moving to TX or FL.  Hopefully, many will see our cities/state as an attractive alternative.  Contrast that also to taxes which will surely be rising in the coming year, and greater in those areas people are leaving, as their governors have already stated as much. In some places like NY that could start a death spiral of sorts with people fleeing the higher cost of living.  While business travel will be sharpy curtailed for the foreseeable future, there could be a 'new wave' of travelers when lockdowns end as people from those more restrictive areas decide to visit places like TN to 'kick tires' as a possible relocation city. May even be a noticeable bump in medical tourism for elective procedures people have delayed during lockdown. Safe to say though that tourism will be the last to recover, as people are now depleted of cash. Many restaurants and hotels are bankrupt (e.g. Sheraton and Renaissance in Nashville). While people will be eager to get back to a normal routine at their jobs/lives, travel will be low on that list (except as in our family with a single trip to a beach). In that middle period of recovery, Nashville could make a bigger push for larger conventions to help transition back to normal. 

Something locally to Nashville may be a significant drop in downtown residential as people try to assess the possibility of another bomb situation.. heaven forbid. 

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    • By markhollin
      Brentwood-based GBT Realty wants to build a two tower (one that could go as high as 20 stories tall) complex near the intersection of West End Ave., Murphy Road, and I-440. To be called 3415 Murphy, it will include 250,000 sq. ft. of Class A office space, 175 hotel rooms, 30,000 sq. ft. of restaurant/retail, and a parking garage on the 1.5 acre site at 3415-3419 Murphy Rd.  The retail/restaurant space would front Murphy Rd., and the hotel/office towers would be toward the back of the lot, along I-440. 

      No renderings as of yet, other than the schematic layout below. Project cost and financing are not clear yet.  Proposed completion date is 2022. Metro Planning Commission is scheduled to review the plan Aug. 9.  The commission's votes are non-binding on Metro Council, where 3 majority votes must occur in order for a requested zoning change to become law.

      More behind the NBJ paywall here:



    • By markhollin
      This is a re-configuring of a project that was supposedly going to be done by Hensler, but now will be the same Austin-based Endeavor group that is also doing the 26 story residential/office/Whole Foods on Broadway and 12th Ave. South.

      Here is the Tennessean article on the new proposal that will include a 28 story hotel, 28 story residential, and 21 story office:

      Here are the notes from the original concept (along with original renderings).  New renderings on page 2 of this thread on July 26, 2017.

       LA_TN and TheATX did some good snooping and found info online regarding Ray Hensler's proposed mixed-us project on what is commonly referred to as the Deja Vu site (although there are several more properties involved with the nearly full square block). 

      This 1 million square foot mixed-use development encompasses 2.7 acres at the periphery of downtown Nashville in the north Gulch area (see map below) encompassed by Demonbreun on the south, 13th Ave. South/I-40/65 on the west, McGavock on the north, and 12th Ave. South on the east.
      - Phase I will include a 290,000 square foot, 20-story office building with retail uses at the ground level and structured parking above- and below-grade.
      - Phase II will add a 260,000 square foot, 250-room hotel and a 170,000 square foot, 75-unit condo tower to the site.
      - Phase III will add 290,000 square feet of residential in a 25-story, 245-unit tower.
      The complex topography, neighboring buildings and adjacent infrastructure all influenced the master planning and architecture of the project, along with Nashville's form-based code.

      The renderings show structures of 34, 24, and 20 stories...so they don't match up with the Phase I, II, and II mentioned above.
      Here are some older articles of speculation on Hensler's plans and the sale of the properties:



      Here are some renderings of the original Hensler-led proposal which has now been eclipsed. Renderings of the new Endeavor plans in a July 26th post on page 2 of this thread.

      Looking east from 13th Ave. South/I-40/65 and Demonbreun:

      Looking NW towards Demonbreun and 12th Ave. South:

      Looking SW from View from 12th Ave. south and McGavock:

      Looking NE toward downtown above Demonbreun:

      12th Avenue South entrance:

      The Demonbreun Street entrance:

      The development map showing the property as "Possible Condo Tower" in center of image:

    • By markhollin
      A 10 & 11 story, 351 unit apartment development is planned by Dinerstein Companies on the former RJ Young site at 805-809 Division St. in The Gulch. No word yet on the construction timetable, nor renderings made available.  Reports are that it will be a contemporary design. Hoar Construction is reportedly the contractor.  
      More behind the Nashville Post paywall here:


      This screen shot from Smeagolsfree's excellent development map shows the site listed as 805 Division and highlighted in teal at the center of the frame:


    • By markhollin
      Market Street Enterprises announces their newest structure in their Gulch development: Three Thirty Three office building.  It will be a 5 story brick and glass structure featuring 69,000 sq. ft. of office space on top of a first floor primarily made up of 11,000 sq. ft. of retail that will face both Pine and 11th Ave. South.   It will be located at the NW corner of Pine and 11th Ave. North in The Gulch. Construction slated to begin this fall, and a finish is slated for late 2019.

      Adjacent to the building on the north side will be Noble Park, featuring a wooden boardwalk, and a 12 foot high by 42 foot wide water wall.  There will also be a deck that can serve as a stage for performances.

      The architect is Earl Swensson, and Turner will be construction company.

      More at Nashville Post here:


      More behind the NBJ paywall here:


      Tennessean coverage:


      The site is the teal square at NW corner of Pine and 11th Ave. North in the center of this screen shot from Smeagolsfree's excellent Development Map:

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