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OT: MGM Resort and Casino Proposed for Springfield


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I know MadVlad agrees with me but this could have been and should have been Hartford about a decade ago. MGM has proposed an $800m dollar development that would be a combination of new construction and adaptive re-use. It would be connected to their convention center and they are promising not to build any ticketed theaters or arena. They will utilize what is already there, and that is definitely the way to go.

The proposal is outward facing and will have vibrant streetfront retail, dining, and entertainment options in the heart of Springfield. I really hope that they win the bid. It would be a defeat for CT's Mohegan Sun, but I don't think this area needs another casino in the woods. I wish it were Hartford, but in many ways Springfield is a flat out better candidate for something like this. They have a less restrictive night-life with numerous bars and strip joints downtown. They have museums, the Basketball Hall of Fame and Six Flags is minutes away. This will be right off the highway and is 20 minutes from Bradley airport. The trains will also be running from New Haven through Hartford to Springfield soon. I don't want to sound too excited about this, it's not like I am going to get anything out of it but it's really an ideal situation. As a lover of urban development and vibrancy I just really, really want to see this happen.



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I so want this to Happen. Just 2 months ago I moved to Longmeadow and this whould be awesome. The fact that everything is outward and integrates all of the surrounding business is just perfect. They plan on integrating/using the MM Center, symhony hall, connecting the hall of fame area. This plan really is pretty nice. I Still consider Hartford my home city but this would give it some serious competition. Can you imagine the outside business that would be created from the foot traffic that MGM would bring to the streets of springfield?

And on a side not I thought the current had the worst commenters. MassLive (republican) is apparently home to more morons than the courant.

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Having it close to the SCC makes perfect sense. That's why I was always in favor of a Hartford casino near the HCC.

A small casino run joinly by both tribes would be a win-win and I don't mean Styeve Wynn.

I agree 100%. If CT were smart, which we all agree it is not, they would have the tribes form a partnership to build a casino in Downtown Hartford and also have them throw in a new 20,000 seat arena while they were at it. They would also have them build one in Bridgeport.

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Plan 2.


I like plan 1 better becuase of its integration with the city. This plan has Peter Picknelly as a partner and the republican would likely benefit from a new hQ so I am a little nervous this one may have a litlle more "behind the scenes" help then the MGM plan.

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