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Mitt Romney is the GOP's John Kerry


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There are a number of parallels between Mitt Romney in John Kerry. For one

1) Kerry is a senator from Massachusetts and Romney was the governor of Massachusetts.

2) Both are super rich politicians

3) Both have good hair

4) Both are considered flip floppers

5) Democrats picked a qualified war hero who had the experience to be president in trying national security times. Republicans picked a Businessman with experience they see as key to turning around the economy in tough economic times.

6) Both were looked at as stiff robotic like candidates

7) Both are looked at as aloof, equivocating, out-of-touch elitists

8) Both speak fluent French

9) Kerry voted for the war in Iraq and then opposed it as a presidential candidate. Romney was for universal healthcare (Romneycare) and then was against it as presidential candidate.

10) Both were criticized for their lifestyles during hard times. Kerry was photographed windsurfing. Romney was photographed on a jet ski.

11) Both faced "swift boating" attacks which affected their poll numbers

12) Both candidates weren't liked a whole lot by their own party. Democrats weren't enthusiastic about Kerry but they were enthusiastic about removing George Bush. Republicans aren't enthusiastic about Mitt Romney but they are enthusiastic about removing Barack Obama.

13) Both Kerry and Romney picked young, attractive populist running mates (Edwards and Ryan)

14) Kerry lost the election. Romney loses the election ;)

In summery, Both parties chose an uncharismatic, wooden, super-rich intellectual from Massachusetts who was painted as a flip-flopping, out-of-touch elitist

How Mitt Romney is turning into the John Kerry of the 2012 election {sodEmoji.|} Gary Younge {sodEmoji.|} Comment is free {sodEmoji.|} guardian.co.uk





Two "good hair" candidates


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The similarities are truly astonishing! They are almost like twins sons from different mothers. People associate Romney with great wealth, but they forget Kerry is the richest member of the U.S. Senate.

***Many folks point out John F. Kennedy as an example of a Massachusetts politician that won the Presidency. However, it's the worst kept secret in American political history that the election of 1960 was rigged, and Richard Nixon really won.

Massachusetts is one of America's greatest states, and always has been. But when one of their own sons runs for the Presidency, unless he is able to rig the election, he loses~

**another example: 1988 Gov. Michael Dukakis-D Mass, won the Democratic nomination for President, and lost the general election.

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Another thing Kerry and Mitt have in common is that neither one of them spoke/speaks of his actual plans and direction he wants to take the country.

On the stump in 2004, John Kerry almost never spoke about what he wanted to do if elected. When asked in public what his vision was, he deflected the question with his pat flippant answer "Look up johnkerry.com"....as he beamed his botox backed smile.

In every stump speech, all Kerry spoke of was how horrible Bush was.

In 2012, Mitt never talks much about his "vision thing" either. His political history is so hodge-podge and inexplicable, that he essentially wants to avoid any discussion of his political record----such as when he challenged Teddy Kennedy for the US Senate from the Left etc.

So I can only assume Mitt just talks on the stump about how horrible Obama is. Just like Kerry's approach in 2004.

Perhaps that's the modern Massachusetts method of losing the US Presidency. (by the way, does Mitt go for Botox treatments too?)

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