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Kenneth Disraili-Jean

Perimeter Center East & West District Developments

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Hines proposes 50 story tower in an "urban village" on the Perimeter at its Northpark development.



Will the King and Queen be replaced by a taller "King"?




People in the Sandy Springs area are not too thrilled by this proposal however. I don't know if it's because of the height of the tower or the fact that the development also includes a 26 story residential tower plus other apartments. This will add 500 additional units to the apartment pipeline. If constructed, this building will surpass the King (570') and Queen (553') buildings at the nearby Concourse development as the Perimeter Center's tallest building. Luckily the proposal is across the street from the Sandy Springs MARTA Station. The proposal came up for review before the City of Sandy Springs in the middle of July. The city pushed its decision back a bit to allow for more feedback from area residents who fear traffic concerns and increased density.


It's a wait and see game but Hines seems bullish on this 50 story proposal. Stay tuned....



Source: http://www.bizjournals.com/atlanta/print-edition/2014/07/18/hines-proposes-urban-village-on-the-perimeter.html  and http://www.reporternewspapers.net/2014/07/10/developer-proposing-50-story-office-tower-500-apartments-sandy-springs/

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"Daimler AG looks set to build its its roughly 250,000-square-foot headquarters for Mercedes-Benz USA in Sandy Springs, the center of gravity for giant corporate relocations.

The front-runner remains a 7-acre site at Georgia 400 and Abernathy Road in Sandy Springs, where Cousins Properties Inc. (NYSE: CUZ), Ackerman & Co., and H.J. Russell & Co. formed a joint venture to develop a mixed-use project including a 400-room hotel."

Source: http://m.bizjournals.com/atlanta/real_talk/2015/01/where-mercedes-would-build-its-metro-atlanta.html?page=all&r=full

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Ambitious development proposed for the Perimeter Center (Sandy Springs).


Developers are proposing an impressive, albeit ambitious, mixed-use project that could include up to five office and residential towers around the Sandy Springs MARTA station.The project at 1117 Perimeter Center West would rise amid existing office buildings and shopping centers clustered just east of Ga. 400 in Sandy Springs.The developers of 1117 Perimeter Center West are led by principal In Shik Hong, Databank said. The Korean investor and developer is known for dense mixed-use projects and towers in Australia and New Zealand.


Source: http://www.bizjournals.com/atlanta/real_talk/2016/01/ambitious-five-tower-project-planned-for-sandy.html

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$140 million spec tower set to rise in Perimeter Center

Groundbreaking for 4004 Summit is scheduled for Jan. 19.


A $140 million spec tower is set to rise in the Perimeter Center along I-285. The building is being built by Atlanta developers Seven Oaks Company LLC. Groundbreaking for the building, to be known as 4004 Summit, is scheduled to occur on January 19th. While it is just a 15 story glass box, it is part of the increase in development in the large employment center known as Perimeter Center.

For those who are trying to mentally place the site, it will be on the southside of I-285 just west of the Hewlett Packard building on Lake Hearn Drive.


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More information has come out about the ambitious five tower project proposed in Sandy Springs steps from the Sandy Springs MARTA Station. As is stand right now, the project, to be located at 1117 Perimeter Center West, will cost an estimated $1 Billion. 

From the article in the Reporter:

Westmoreland and Forrest said the developers will agree to make the project’s occupancy permits conditional on building a working MARTA connection. In plain English, that means that if the MARTA tunnel doesn’t work, the developers can’t rent or sell space to anyone.

The developers also committed to delaying three of the five towers until several major Ga. 400-related road improvements are completed. Those huge projects, slated for completion in 2020, include: rebuilding the Ga. 400/I-285 interchange; adding separate entrance/exit ramps on 400; turning the 400/Abernathy Road interchange into a diverging diamond; and widening the Mount Vernon Highway bridge. In the meantime, the developers would build one residential tower and one office tower.

The proposal next heads to the Sandy Springs Planning Commission in October, Westmoreland said


A rendering of a commercial streetfront within the 1117 Perimeter Center West redevelopment. The existing hexagonal office building is shown to the left with a heavily modified facade.

Above is a rendering of a commercial streetfront within the 1117 Perimeter Center West redevelopment. 


An illustration of the upgraded courtyard, including a skating rink, in the 1117 Perimeter Center West redevelopment.

Above is an illustration of the upgrade courtyard, including an ice skating rink.


An illustration from the rezoning application for 1117 Perimeter Center West.

Above is an illustration from the rezoning application for 1117 Perimeter Center West. 


Read more here: http://www.reporternewspapers.net/2016/08/22/5-skyscraper-project-comes-new-traffic-transit-promises/

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State Farm's regional HQ is almost complete in Perimeter Center. 


Looking to take public transportation to work?


You have direct access to the Dunwoody MARTA Station.


An solid addition to the Perimeter Center skyline.


All photos above courtesy of Micheal Kahn, Curbed Atlanta.

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2nd State Farm tower and the new tower going up next to the MARTA station and Perimeter Mall.  Today. Some general photos as well. 







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