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Traffic Circles in Spartanburg. Do we need them and where should they be located?

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Traffic circles or roundabouts are common in Europe and are starting to become fashionable here in the US. I've often wondered if Spartanburg needs traffic circles and, if so, where. Growing up we had Hearon Circle (which still exists) and the Reidville Road circle (removed in the mid 1980's).

I'd like to see a traffic circle at the following intersections:

West Main and Daniel Morgan

East Main and Converse

East Kennedy and Converse

Howard Street and College Street

Fernwood Drive and Woodburn Road

Your thoughts on my suggestions? And, I welcome your thoughts are where other traffic circles should be placed.

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Spartan    682

The answer is yes. Though I would not say that they are "fashionable." It's more that DOT's across this country are finally beginning to understand that they are safer, cheaper, and more efficient than regular traffic signals. Not knowing much about traffic volumes I can only speculate based on experience, and I'm excluding the much smaller "mini-circles" that can be installed in neighborhoods in place of stop signs.

These are in addition to roads-scholar's:

Heywood & Drayton

Garner Dr & Beaumont Ave

Henry & Spring

...and so many rural intersections would be perfect candidates for traffic circles/roundabouts. They are all over the Lowcountry these days, so SCDOT is definitely on board with them.

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