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French psychic predicted 911, election of Barack Obama and more back in 1980


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While most so called psychics are scam artists, there seems to be some evidence that some have this gift which scientists don't understand. The "true" psychics may be slightly off on a few prediction but some of their predictions are amazing. Back in 1980 a French psychic predicted we'd have electric cars after 2000 and that has happened. He was off on the years that we would totally abandon cars than run on gas. But several predictions he has made has made people take notice. He seems to have predicted the 1986 Chemobyl nuclear disaster, 911, the election of Barack Obama and even says official alien contact around 2012.

"specifically in USSR where I predict a major disaster before the end of this decade....a major disaster that will make us reconsider the use of nuclear energy"

"Within the decade after the year 2000 America will be under attack...No no, I'm not talking about an attack on foreign soil..I'm talking about an attack on American soil...It'll be a new pearl harbor."

(911 was called the modern day pearl harbor)

"Yes this change will be a popular revolution..a revolution because the American people will elect between 2005 and 2012 a black man as president of the most powerful country in the world. This change will be pushed by a popular movement. The people will rally behind this man like he was - maybe not the Messiah, but some kind of savior. The spirit of change for an America that will have suffered."

"As far as my psychic visions go, I don't see anything after 2012. I don't have any flash, i don't have any image after 2012. There is a reason why I don't see anything after 2012. I also see the encounter. I don't know how to put this but We'll probably meet other people...yes an encounter..an alien encounter. 2012 is the year of the alien encounter. The thing is, they'll be so advanced, Imagine. They'll come from another part of the galaxy. For now we've only reached the Moon. We will be visited by creatures much more powerful than we are. There will be winners and losers in this encounter. We will be the losers. And If I don't see anything beyond 2012, it is for a very obvious reason."

It's interesting because ancient civilizations including the Mayan predicted something is suppose to take place on December 22, 2012. Pretty scary considering the accuracy of his other predictions. I guess we''' find out LOL Could his predictions be vague coincidences? After all in 1968 Robert Kennedy said "we could have a negro president in 40 years"

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Eh...I call BS. You can pretty easily make generalized predictions based on available data (like a nuclear catastrophe in the USSR) just based on the fact of the amount of nuclear plants, where they're located and safety measures in place at the time.

At the ~1:56 mark he claims that in 2000-2005 cars running on oil will be gone...meanwhile the reality is that nearly 99% of all cars during this timeframe were running on oil and are STILL running on oil. The #'s haven't increased much since then.

Los Angeles and New York have been the largest population centers in the US for a while now and it isn't far out to think that they would be the center of an attack. Los Angeles was only under attack in the movies...never in real-life. I find it no more than a coincidence that he called the New York attack and the decade...again he's just playing the odds game and won that one.

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I'm not sure how anyone could predict a nuclear disaster at a power plant in the U.S.S.R. before the end of the 1980s and it actually happens. The America under attack prediction is a bit vague and talks about bombings instead of airplanes flying into buildings. But I still think his prediction about the election of a black president was remarkable. He narrowed the timeframe down to between 2005 and 2012 and even described the future black president as being a savior for change after hard times for America. In fact many viewed Barack Obama in that very way. I believe SOME people have special abilities that science can't explain but even if psychics are real, they are human just like anyone else. Maybe seeing the future is like looking through a fogged up windshield instead of reading tomorrow's news headlines today . They'll make mistakes and mix up visions but I agree that what the vast majority of these so called psychics say is nothing but hog wash. Much of it is phony.

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When in doubt check snopes. Someone researched this in January


Also see this:


Thanx to user JamesGambino for his findings

JamesGambino's channel www.youtube.com/user/jamesgambino

More Findings From TennesseesMostHated :

The most likely explanation is that this video comes from Quebec and is produced by students participating in a competition. The YouTube account registration using the email: [email protected] and HM2012 is a competition called Happening Marketing 2012 and you can find the rules on this page http://www.hm2012.ca/Acceuil.html







his channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/VonHelton

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