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China Will Build the Tallest Building In the World in Just 90 Days

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According to its engineers, this will be the tallest skyscraper in the world by the end of March of 2013. Its name is Sky City, and its 2,749 feet (838 meters) distributed in 220 floors will grow in just 90 days in Changsha city, by the Xiangjiang river. Ninety days!

It's not a joke. According to the construction company, the skyscraper will be built in just 90 days at the unbelievable rate of five floors per day.

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Why the hurry?

Save an enormous sum of money vs. a prolonged 3-4 year construction cycle.

Is it practical?

Who knows but the article states that this is from a company that has a proven track record.

I guess we shall see if it is a mistake or a money maker.

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