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NASA scientists hint big news from Mars


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NASA curiosity rover has detected something extraordinary on Mars from a sensor that test chemistry and soil make up. Right now NASA's scientists are being mum because they want to make sure their findings are correct. But one NASA scientist said:

"This data is gonna be one for the history books. It's looking really good,"

"We have groundbreaking, world-changing data that we can't tell you about yet,"

"earthshaking news"

This major discovery will be revealed December 2012




Big News from Mars may be coming soon!


Does NASA finally have evidence of past or current life on Mars? If so it will forever change our view of the Universe and what may be out there. NASA has already found some strange anomalies. Methane gas has been discovered in the Martian atmosphere and there are only two things that would create methane gas. Volcanic activity and life. However there are no active volcanoes on Mars. Another interesting thing is that the methane levels on Mars change with the seasons, another indication of life. The major discovery NASA is about to reveal has to do with soil samples. For a NASA scientist to say "this is one for the history books", one would expect that this discovery has to do with organic material.

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