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Restaurant/ Music Museum

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Anybody hear about what is going on in Eastown at 1444 Lake Dr. ? This is what I found on the ECA's website:


"Stenson and Morton are currently collaborating on another exciting project. Morton owns the brick building at 1444 Lake Drive where he plans to open a restaurant at the front and a music museum at the back. This building is also being extensively renovated according to green-building practices using eco-friendly materials. Plans include removing the old concrete floor and replacing it with solar-powered radiant heating tubes in a brand-new concrete floor, and a rooftop garden and solar lighting tubes."

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it that the building across from kava house that they've (whoever they is?) been working on for what seems like a couple of years? that has to be the slowest, most low key project in town.

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From what I hear. They are planning a Juice bar in this space.  Should be interesting to see how this competes with Sip Juice Bar when it moves into Eastown.

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      Out at the corner of Jupiter and Plainfield, by what is now autosales, there used to be "The Movies at Woodland." Across the street (which was a dead-end road at the time), sat a Witmark (still empty to this day). There's a restaurant there that has been a series of fail attempts. I am trying to remember what that restaurant was, back in the 80s. Was it just a Big Boy? Or was it something else? 
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      "Many ideas are being considered, including selling a portion of the building for affordable housing for seniors and expanding the organization's PACE program, which currently operates at Fulton Manor."
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      River West -- Old Millstone Golf Course on 123 west of Greenville near the Saluda River.
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