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Downtown Cupcakes


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I was walking up Monroe today by the Civil War monument and noticed there is a new pop-up store, Stiletto Sweets, at 20 Monroe, next to the Kendall Building.  They weren’t open when I walked by but peeking through the window it looks like they are in the fancy cupcake business.  I’m surprised no one else mentioned them, I guess everyone must be down at the new beer joint.


If you can believe their Facebook page, they are doing quite well:



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Hey there! Thanks for the kind words! I own Stiletto Sweets - it's great to see people chatting about what we're doing in the cupcake and cake world. We're still in the test/experiment process with the shop, but we'll stay actively engaged with our facebook community to keep everyone in the loop! We're open Thursday-Friday from 11-1 and 5-? and Saturday 11- until we sell out. We'd love to stick around - we'll just have to see what's in the cards!





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Hey Noddea--


You could decorate your big blank wall facing down Division, make it a little more obvious what's in store. The SS logo is very pretty, but very subtle. Interior signage is permitted by right, and can be of the cell phone store or LA Insurance type size.


Hope this helps. Wishing you a long and profitable tenure in DT GR!

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