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Employment Opportunities

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Using the usual online resources I am struggling to find anything but corporate jobs. It rubs me the wrong way to work for a multinational giant when all the rest of the week I am promoting eat local, drink local, shop local.


How about we start up a local "resume" thread, where you post a few details about yourself (not the full resume if you prefer a little anonymity) so that local businesses can peruse these local thinkers for their next hire?


I'll post mine in a bit.

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Employment History:

  • 25 years of experience in customer service
  • 10 years in IT help desk/tech support
  • various training and supervisory positions
  • worked in 5 countries.



  • English high school: 5 O-Levels in Math, English Language, Physics, Geography and Graphic Communication
  • Swiss community college "business school" 2 year course



  • Fluent in German, keen interest in other languages
  • Computer software (MS Office, browsers)
  • Computer hardware installation and troubleshooting (mostly Windows, some Linux)
  • Basic level networking (routers, firewalls, wifi, etc)
  • Problem solving
  • Eye for detail



  • Mapping
  • Urban life
  • Cooking, real food sourcing
  • Transit
  • Sports

Available Mondays and Tuesdays part time (either freelance or regularly scheduled), or full-time at 2 weeks' notice.

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