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Inside 440 - Berry Hill, Midtown, Vanderbilt, 12S, WeHo


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On 1/4/2022 at 3:01 PM, DMilner said:

I believe with the UDO, they would be able to go to 3 stories/45 ft without an SP. They can get a 4th floor with flats/other multi-family projects. 


On 1/4/2022 at 3:04 PM, PaulChinetti said:

Somera now straddles the WHCH UDO boundary in Wedgewood Houston by owning the northeast corner of Martin & Hamilton (inside WHCH UDO) & owning the southeast corner of Merrit & Martin (outside WHCH UDO). I am interested to see how that plays into the height of these projects. Will they focus on building a WHCH UDO project on Martin & Hamilton separate from a non-WHCH UDO project along Merritt?

I do hope they will open up the alley from Martin to Pillow & minimize driveway curb cut around this area. The sidewalks they would be adding down Merritt, Martin, and the north side of Hamilton will be a great addition to the neighborhood and should give Metro more reason to minimize curb cuts. 

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Noted that Franklin Juice in 12 S has closed.  A note on the door says the building has been sold.  Franklin Juice is looking for another location in 12 S area. 

Serendipity clothing store that was previously located in the building moved to the Paris building back in the fall.  It looks like the insurance broker is still there, for now.  

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11 minutes ago, yontu2 said:

Looking NE at the Finery office building site (east of Martin St). Noticed site work taking place on the other side of the retaining wall. Is that part of the AJ Capital site next to Merritt mansion?

That is right on the edge of the large Merritt Mansion project site.  I don't believe AJ Capital has secured any permits to begin work on that yet. 

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