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West End/Mid Town/Music Row/Vandy Projects/21st Ave. South

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Elliston Place Soda Shop set to open Tuesday, May 11th in its expanded space at 2105 Elliston Place (next door to the original shop space). More at The Tennessean here: https://www.tennessea

As more and more people grumble online about Nashville changing too fast (Music Row in particular), I have composed this response which I have posted several places.   When people decry the cha

Does not include Elmington buildings.

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Vandy will add four more floors to it's existing Monroe-Carroll Children's Hospital according to the Tennessean.


Construction should start on the tower in early 2015, university officials confirmed. The new tower will feature four floors with 40,000 square feet each, including one floor with 36 patient beds.


Overall, the latest expansion would boost inpatient capacity of the children’s hospital to nearly 1 million total square feet and grow the number of beds to more than 300.

The expansion also would give Vanderbilt one of the 20 largest pediatric hospitals in the country, according to a 2013 listing from Becker’s Hospital Review. The largest children’s hospital in the country, by comparison, is Texas Children’s Hospital in Houston with 589 beds, according to Becker’s.


The render:





Existing building;




The existing building is 9 floors. The addition will boost it up to 13 floors.

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To give everyone an idea as to where this is.....Right across the street from the old Chappys on Church location. Xmi has this property which includes a gas station and Budget rent a car  and a couple of other smaller buildings. Xmi is a major player in Midtown as they have just tons of properties in the midtown west end area.

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Nice! I don't love the design, but don't hate it. I like the offset windows. That would be a great use of that corner. Nice infill, and nothing historic had to be demolished.

The one thing I don't like is the garage elevation which appears to be 19th St. There should be an alley behind this building, so I wish they would utilize that instead of entrances fronting the street.

Either way, Two thumbs up for me.

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Going to have a big impact on the skyline in that area for sure. I think there could be more coming for this area this year and in the next few to come.

Tony is going to be a busy fellow for a while. This is the seventh project he has announced. One under construction and at least two to start this year if not more.

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I'm very excited, this area has always seemed so underdeveloped.  Hopefully we're going to see a rapid transformation, with all the land that has been rezoned for higher density and mixed use around there. Tony G alone is already bringing hundreds of new residents and at least one restaurant into an area of a few blocks. 


And I like the glass. 

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Now, this one is a nice surprise. Love the location. I agree that the stretch of Church where this will be located is long overdue for some residential development. Perhaps the retail on Church will start to thrive a little more with new residents here and nearby around Elliston Place.

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Hello everyone,


I am a lurker (is that the correct term for someone who reads and enjoys all your postings but doesn't usually respond?).  In my opinion, this street has an incredible potential to become a creative stretch of eclectic restaurants and businesses that cater to an alternative demographic.


Just wanted to weigh in....



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