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Davidson East: East Nashville, Inglewood, Madison, Donelson, Hermitage, Old Hickory


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On 5/27/2022 at 12:28 PM, markhollin said:

949 Main (6 stories, 75 units, internal garage) will go before MDHA Design Review Committee on June 7th for final approval.  A couple new renderings have been released.

More behind the Nashville Post paywall here:


949 Main, May 27, 2022, render 1.png

949 Main, May 27, 2022, render 2.png

For those of us without access to the Nashville post, where on Main Street is this being planned?

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2 minutes ago, PillowTalk4 said:

For those of us without access to the Nashville post, where on Main Street is this being planned?

It is the white outlined, blue square below. Across the street from Main Street Liquors, Crazy Gnome Brewing and Gym 5


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On 4/14/2022 at 11:18 AM, markhollin said:

More details on the 1500 Porter redevelopment of the Berkshire Place Apartment complex (20 acres) by Trent Development.  It will be presented at the May 26th Metro Planning Meeting.

More at  NashvilleNowNext:


The site as it looks currently:

1500 Porter, April 14, 2022, site aerial.png

The plans:

1500 Porter, April 14, 2022, diagram 1.png

1500 Porter, April 14, 2022, diagram 2.png

1500 Porter, April 14, 2022, diagram 3.png

1500 Porter, April 14, 2022, diagram 4.png

1500 Porter, April 14, 2022, diagram 5.png

1500 Porter, April 14, 2022, diagram 6.png

1500 Porter, April 14, 2022, diagram 7.png

I attended a WebEx meeting on 05/16 regarding this development. While designs are no where close to being done, much of the information we have seen thus far is just for the overall SP submission and approval process. We had seen alot of this information, so I will trying highlighting what I believe to be new information.

  • How many units existing? 195 units. Master plan proposes 700 units
  • Traffic increase along Cahal - there is a traffic study that will add traffic trips. No need for additional traffic signals. Looking at pedestrian improvements. Potential widening of Porter and Cahal for new curb and gutter. Road widening would only occur directly adjacent to the property and NDOT would be responsible for improvements leading up to the property (typical)
  • No plans to improve the Porter/Cahal triangle.
  • Grocery store space is around 8k to 10k square foot. Local supply type store. Supposedly a small Whole Foods/turnip truck. Grab and go/fresh produce. No talks with any actual tenants as of yet.
  • Approximate construction timeline 
    • Madison construction is slated to start summer 2022 with completion in 2023
    • Residents would then relocate to Madison (or other location)
    • 2024 likely slated for start of Porter. First delivery of phase I in 2026 with future phasing coming after (most likely)
  • The development team has a commitment to ZERO STR in the development. Included in the SP wording. Owner occupied or non-owner occupied. 
  • Bike lane separation? Striping only and not separated
  • Options for residents… third party team working with developer. 3 options of comparable options within the neighborhood. Moving expenses would be covered as of moving to Madison. Options for residents to stay during the phases. Residents who stay on the sight (and deal with construction) would be accepted vouchers. Unsure on exact numbers of “affordable” housing. Pursue a new PILOT for affordability as well. Residents will be allowed to “live where they want”
    • Developer self described as an affordable housing developer. Also owns the adjacent affordable housing property. 
  • CM Benedict is very supportive of the development. This is paramount to the SP process as a whole.
  • Development team is unsure on specific amenities within the development as the design is still very early design. 
  • Community Benefits Agreement
    • CM Benedict has not been approached about a CBA. CM Benedict has spoken with a number of non-profits in the area.
    • No direct contact with development team. Actively looking to improve the community with adding affordable units. 
    • Development team is hesitate about a CBA due to scale of their company. 
  • HUD Transfer has not been approved yet and will not be until at least Madison Development is done. 

The information packet also provided some insight into the Birchstone Development in Madison that would be the primary relocation site for existing residents. The new development would consist of 206 total units – 70 1-bedroom, 98 2-bedrooms, 28 3-bedrooms and 10 4-bedroom units.

 Here is a rendered site plan that is available via the Planning Department.


Here is a clip of the location via Smeag's Development Map.



12 minutes ago, MidTenn1 said:

P.S. I will be changing my screen name soon. It soon won't be appropriate.  More info on that in a few weeks.

Potential move???

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It seems they’re in the process of clearing the entire (formerly) North Park Village senior community, which has been empty for a few months. They’ve shredded basically every tree on the land. I hope what they’re building there is worth it, I used to live right near there and I loved the giant, old, beautiful shumard oaks that dotted that area. Plus there were several healthy young white ash trees, which are critically endangered. I’m kind of bummed about this.

“Many of these trees were my friends. Creatures I had known from nut and acorn.” 


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The Hub at 607 will be 4 story mixed-use project at 607 Due West Avenue in a partnership between Goodpasture Christian School and Samaroo Development Group.  The first phase will feature 115 residential units, covered parking, and a pool. It will get underway in the next 6 months and be completed by mid 2024. 

A second phase of construction, planned to start upon completion of the first, is still in the works. Samaroo said it is planned to be a larger version of the first phase — more apartments and more mixed-use space.

Total cost will be $24 million, and is being partially financed by Shakleford Capital.

More at NBJ here:



And behind the Nashville Post paywall here:


Hub at 607 Due West, June 2, 2022, render.png

This screen shot from Smeagolsfree's excellent development map shows the site highlighted in teal at the center of the frame:

Hub at 607 Due West, June 2, 2022, site map.png

Screen Shot 2022-06-06 at 12.37.23 PM.png

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Markham Place (2 & 3 stories, 101 townhomes) update: some portions are topped-out.

Looking SE from JR Wauford Company surface lot, south of Lebanon Pike, 1/2 block east of Donelson Pike:

Markham Place, May 28, 2022, 1.jpeg

Looking south from Lebanon Pike on driveway up the hill into the complex, 1/4 block west of Stewarts Ferry Pike:

Markham Place, May 28, 2022, 3.jpeg

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