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Davidson East: East Nashville, Inglewood, Madison, Donelson, Hermitage, Old Hickory


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815 Main (4 stories, 17 units, ground level retail, internal garage) update: exterior nearly complete.

Looking NE from intersection of Main St. and Neill Ave:

815 Main, Sept 17, 2022, 1.jpeg

Looking NW from Main St., 1/4 block east of Neill Ave:

815 Main, Sept 17, 2022, 2.jpeg

Looking SE from Neill Ave., 1/2 block north of Main St:

815 Main, Sept 17, 2022, 3.jpeg

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10th & Woodland (1 story, 3 commercial slots) update: brickwork complete; cladding underway.

Looking SW from Woodland St., 1/2 block east of South 10th St:

10th & Woodland, Sept 17, 2022, 1.jpeg

Looking SE from intersection of Woodland St. and South 10th St:

10th & Woodland, Sept 17, 2022, 2.jpeg

Looking NW from South 10th St., 1/2 block south of Woodland St:

10th & Woodland, Sept 17, 2022, 3.jpeg

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22 minutes ago, markhollin said:

A hotel of unknown brand, height, or rooms is being planned for the .8 acre site at 408 Woodland St. (just east of the I-24 interchange, and just west of Eastside Heights Apts.) by Sun Development & Management. This is the same group building the Tapestry Printing House in SoBro.  It does appear it will be a mid-range price hotel,  will have an internal garage, a rooftop bar, and a ballroom.  A specific plan rezoning from industrial/commercial is being sought.  No architect has been named yet.  No renderings available.

Sun will need to purchase the land from the Allinder family, who has owned the site since the mid-50s, and is now listed as an opportunity zone.  The bordering piece of land (.4 acre) at 407/409 Russell St. is also available from the Allinder family, but won't be part of this project. 

More behind the Nashville Post paywall here:


408 Woodland hotel, Sept 30, 2022, site aerial.png

This screen shot from Smeagolsfree's excellent developement map shows the sight highlighted in teal a the center of the frame:


The plan was uploaded overnight, no rendering but will be 11 stories, 143’ tall, and offer 6k retail and 260 rooms. 

Plan: https://maps.nashville.gov/MPC/2022SP-080-001_Plan.pdf

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