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The Gulch Projects

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Ok gang, 3 weeks to go until retirement.   Thought I would walk around the office and give y'all pic updates on the construction around the Gulch.  Endeavor is slowly nearing finishing the glass at th

Officially hung it up yesterday after 50 years.....RE-Tired.  I took a last walk around the office and took some updates of the projects going up all around ESa.  3 weeks has made some real progress o

Possible Edition Hotel for the Gulch  

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Sometimes I wonder if the NBJ gets their news from us.




I would honestly be surprised if they didn't.  This is a collection of people with their ear to the ground and would be a great clearinghouse for someone looking for leads and tidbits of information to start a story from.  A forum concentrating on Philadelphia that I frequent is the known source of a few news stories for local media, and reporters have been known to PM users who may have a story for them.

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Rendering is now up. Eh, at least it's parking and ugly industrial gone. Those are about the only positives to the design.

Could be better, for sure. Could be a lot worse, for damn sure. I like that it fronts the street and isn't surrounded by a parking island like a certain few Hampton Inns in the area. Overall, I don't think it should detract from the Gulch vibe. It will be clearly visible from the interstate...so hopefully the backside is at least on par with the front.

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I don't think that it addressess the street very well.  Not that Division is the most pedestrian-used street at present anyway.  I am happy that there is no parking in the front.  But where, exactly, do you enter the building?  From the cubby under the Fairfield Inn sign in the center, or from the carport?  I'm disappointed that the actual door isn't more visible from the street.  That makes it look like a suburban strip hotel that is plopped on an urban parking lot.  This quality indicates that it is designed toward car-driving commuters who are marooned in town rather than for visitors who are spending a couple or three days in town who might want to walk across the street to Yazoo or to nightlife in the Gulch.

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It looks "old style" modern mid-century, especially the metal frame inverted T windows.  Yes, I hope there is a sidewalk in front.


This company built a Hampton Inn in downtown chattanooga that is absolutely beautiful.  The lobby looks like a much higher brand of hotel.  They are also building four Hamptons in the suburbs of Chattanooga.

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From the looks of that render, maybe the entrance is under the signage that says "Inn and Suites"?  Better than nothing, and like others have said, I'm glad the parking isn't in the front.  But I also want to know why there isn't even a sidewalk shown?

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