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The Gulch Projects

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1 minute ago, erdichia said:

Isn’t this the site where someone wanted to put the guitar shaped building? Does mean we might actually get a decent project here now? (It’s going to be the first thing you see when driving up from south of town on I-65)

I actually think the highlighted portion incorrectly shows where Travis Kelty wants to build his very bland apartment towers, and the site in the aforementioned article is to the right of it.

Travis Kelty is the one who wanted the guitar shaped building, which is now the stucco apts. 

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Walked by Colt's Chocolates last night and it appears almost completely empty.  Has anyone been by their new digs in Inglewood?  Are they up and running with a store, like they had in The Gulch?

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On 6/6/2019 at 10:40 PM, Baronakim said:

Ok gang, 3 weeks to go until retirement.   Thought I would walk around the office and give y'all pic updates on the construction around the Gulch.  Endeavor is slowly nearing finishing the glass at the top.  333 is going up fast. I took the from the parking deck at 4:00.  The next one I had taken at lunch.... fast steel erection!    Gulch Union is putting up columns for the 4th floor. The W is getting ready to pour the 2nd parking level up.  Asurion proceeds in its giant hole.  The Hyatt Grand now pokes over Union Station Hotel rather well. The tower at 5th & Broad gets more impressive every day a. The work over on 5th and on third looks much more complete.  I'll probably do one more round in 3 weeks before I pass into the sunset of retired gentry.  Enjoy.









Congrats on the upcoming retirement. I’m thinking about shutting it down also, in 2062 :) 

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Epiphany, an interior design shop on 8th Avenue S across from Carter Vintage Guitars, has a 'Moving Sale' sign in the window, another sign that the triangle of six properties there (not yet given a name on UP) is moving toward consolidation and eventual development.  The antique mall next door closed on May 31.

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