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207 Garden street rennovations

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This building on Ashley and Garden is getting a major rennovation.


This is right on the corner across from the park like property that was once the CT Mutual building. 

It really could be a nice area if stakeholders pull together to improve the whole area.

I suspect that this one building wont change much, but if a few employees at HIG were to buy into the area the change would be profound!





NINA owns the building and is rehabbing it


Since 2006, the alliance has rehabilitated six homes neighboring the building, and more recently provided funding for new decorative street lighting along Ashley Street.


So, since there is such corporate backing, I wonder if the goal is to bring middle class folks back to this tight area around the Hartfords office.?

Apparntly the building has 4 apartments, 3 retail spaces, and 3rd floor office.



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