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So I know the city completed the first segment of the Orlando Urban Trail this past summer. There are supposedly plans to connect it to Gertrude's Walk and to the LYNX Central Station. Does anyone have any information on when the next phase of construction will start? I am big into cycling and I'd love to be able to get off the streets and onto formal trails within the city...

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I think this information is scattered around in different forums.  From what I understand, this is a multi-part project with different agencies responsible for each section.  Here's what I know, and hopefully someone can help fill in the blanks.


Uptown - Orlando Ballet/Current Terminus to SR50 - At least part of the Right of Way has been secured (as part of Steel House agreement.)  I don't know the status of the rest of the ROW or any further hurdles before this can be laid.


SR 50 Overpass - Currently Proposed but unfunded.


SR 50 to LCS - 


LCS to Washington - "LYNX Orlando Trail" to connect to existing Gertrude's Walk


Church Street to "South of 408" - Not sure where it's plotted to go, but this is on the LYNX website.


I've also put together a little map of some trails I'd like to see.



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That bridge over 50 is probably the most important bridge in all of downtown. It'll not only help those that want to cycle or run the entire length of the trail, but it'll give a safer alternative to all the new residents of Uptown/North Quarter that want to go into the CBD. I really hope there's some significant emphasis put on that bridge in the next year. Maybe we can get it built to coincide with SunRail, which I think will only help its cause.

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I'd love to see a trail come through downtown south in a way that benefits the hospital and/or the Main Street. Could you imagine it merging onto Orange from Lucerne Terrace to Michigan and bisecting the road? It would be amazing for the area and add connectivity south. Until then, we have plenty of slow streets to bike on in the areas of Delaney Park but it would really be a great win-win.

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