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Publix coming to Greensboro

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I think there needs to be a little competition. The majority of grocery stores in Greensboro are either Harris Teeter or Food Lion. There are some Fresh Markets and Lowes Food Stores. Then there are the grocery stores in the Walmarts. The more choices consumers have the better. I don't think Publix will affect Harris Teeter or Food Lion but it will be intersting to see what kind of an impact Publix has one Lowes and the Fresh Market.

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Speaking of competition I recently found an article on grocery store market share in the Triangle I thought y'all might be interested in...


Here are the top 5 for fiscal year 2011:

1. Wal-Mart: 23% of market, 24 stores in area, 1.06 billion sales in market


2. Food Lion: 19% of market, 85 stores in area, 888 million sales in market


3. Harris Teeter: 16% of market, 35 stores in area, 728 million sales in market


4. Kroger: 9% of market, 16 stores in area, 421 million sales in market


5. Lowes Foods: 6% of market, 21 stores in area, 250 million sales in market

for the complete list:


I'm personally rather suprised Kroger (9.2%) is ahead of Lowes Foods (5.5%) in the Triangle, it looks like Lowes Foods has more stores but Kroger has a higher sales volume. Also note the Teeter doesnt have quite the stranglehold on the area as Charlotte. I predict there will be a bit of a shakeup as Publix expands into the region....although I'm sure the Top 3 will be safe one has to wonder about numbers 4 and 5 on the list...


Any idea what the market share breakdown of grocery stores is in the Triad?

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Cityboi, you've never been right about one thing you have ever posted about what is coming to Greensboro.  First Trader Joe's, now Publix.  Two years later, there are Publix popping up everywhere in North Carolina, but there are no current plans for Greensboro.  Clemmons, Statesville, Boone, Weaverville Wake Forest are all getting them, though.

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