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CCSU to downtown Hartford/New Britain

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This was a pretty indepth article I read last night.


The President of the University has decided that the school needs to raise the bar and become a bigger and more recognized institution outside of CT.


On the level of James Maddison and George Mason. 


I think this is a good thing because as a school it is in a strange place.  it is a state school like UCONN and CCC but essentially between them in status.


Apparently most associates holders from CCC transfer to Central if they are looking to get a BS or BA.


One program specifically mentioned for Hartford would be nursing and would possibly be co-located with CCC


a quote'

The discussions are still in the early stages, but university officials are collaborating with Capital Community College in Hartford to possibly offer some pilot courses in Hartford as early as this fall, perhaps in nursing. And the university is actively looking for property to expand in New Britain's downtown and will soon be doing the same in Hartford, university officials said.




New Britain might get the most out of this plan

Since CCSU is already in Newbritain downtown, they are looking to expand including housing as noted in the quote below


In New Britain, CCSU already has an Institute of Technology and Business Development that is involved in workforce training and development and in business incubation. University officials said the school wants to offer courses in areas such as business and biology in downtown New Britain. Miller also mentioned in his speech that he'd like to see housing for graduate students and faculty in downtown New Britain.



Somewhere in the article it mentioned grad programs in hartford too.

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I did not want to open a new topic





CCSU is building a huge new dorm. -600 beds


First new dorm in over a decade.


more dorms like this and the school will begin to be less about commuters and more of a regional economic driver...



rendering in the article

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