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Parking meters


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I tried to find such a thread but was unable. Forgive me if this topic has been discussed. My question is, why exactly does the city close off the parking meters uptown during "special events". What difference does it make, and isn't the city losing an opportunity to make a little money?  When we lived on West Trade I notice that quite often the city would close down the public parking a day in advance of something special....like the circus. Yes, people would plug in two hour's worth of quarters during the week to such an event, but so be it!

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One Friday evening around 5 I was waiting at college and fifth for a friend for about a half hour. I watched a park-it employee stop in the parking lane, rush off a few people who were idling in that lane, and then not move himself for the entire duration that I was standing there. I guess he was making sure no one else tried to get into that lane.


(rush hour traffic seemed to be perfectly capable of managing without that lane)

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