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5 Ways to Bring People Back to Downtown: Examples from Orlando, Florida


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More love for Orlando:


"Orlando, Florida’s downtown is undergoing what you might call a “residential renaissance.” As one of the leaders in this national trend, Orlando is seeing faster growth in its downtown than in its suburbs.


Economists suspect thousands of apartment units will be added to Orlando’s urban core over the next four years, with a handful of projects already under construction. This is great news for the city, since urban planners consider dense development patterns more economically powerful and more environmentally responsible."


Full article here:  http://www.globalsiteplans.com/uncategorized/5-ways-to-bring-people-back-to-downtown-examples-from-orlando-florida/



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He actually went to college to list out all these points that we already knew?

Sunshine, generally, those outside of Orlando don't follow this forum. It's great to have public exposure and show how downtown Orlando continues to attract residential growth and centralize our metropolis, particularly amongst urban planners and those of interest. 

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What I am saying is the title of the articles is 5 Ways to bring people back to downtown..... his "5 ways" are what anyone would list.....and if he truly understand downtown Orlando....this "residential renaissance" in downtown area are more market driven than smart planning.

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