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spenser1058    834

Meanwhile, the Orlando Sentinel reports:


"Performance Bicycle, a national cycling retailer, is coming to Florida and opening five stores, including one in Winter Park. The store will open at 351 Orlando Ave. in April.",0,7461629.story


Upon noticing that downtown Orlando was not selected for one of the five stores, we asked the staff of the DDB if they had contacted the chain about locating downtown, given that WP already has bike stores while downtown has none. He replied they had not: "after all, we know what people downtown want are more frogurt shops and 7-Elevens - we're committed to those!" He also noted that even though downtown has more residents in the immediate area than that segment of US !7-92 in Winter Park, we didn't want the folks living in the retirement towers overexerting themselves on BMX equipment." (Please note satire included in this paragraph.)

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Jernigan    998

To be fair, this is going in at 17-92 and Canton.  Not exactly the heart of downtown Winter Park.  Winter Park does have Breakaway off Park Ave and Ace Metric in Hannibal Square.  Orlando's CBD has none, with the closest being Rajun Cajun in Downtown South, Kyles Bike Shop in the Milk District, Retro City Cycles in Ivanhoe Village and further away Greenway Cycles in Audobon Park and Loco Motion in Baldwin Park.

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