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Legacy Union (former Charlotte Observer redevelopment)


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And it will continue to work in the direction it's been going. Regardless of the apartment market Uptowns businesses and CBD will continue to grow. In addition, even though the apartment market is expected to slow a little soon it doesn't mean any less people are moving to Charlotte. Charlotte will continue to grow at the sustained pace if not even more then it is now. Sorry for the off topic post but it was just brought to my attention!

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23 minutes ago, jordan704 said:



This will be the most urban block in Charlotte when its finished. Should see 3-4 high rises. Pretty exciting for a single block. @ah59396 you can see from this view that there is plenty of room for another skyscraper along Stonewall.

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34 minutes ago, TheOneRJ said:

Definitely starting to make an impression from further away. 


trying so hard to continue consuming myself with hatred of this project, unfortunately I am a tall building lover, and its starting to get to me, and I have to not let it. If they have some variety in the shapes, sizes, and materials of the rest of the buildout I can excuse the PoMo shrine, but if they build a campus of lookalikes, I'll be every so pissed.

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1 hour ago, TheOneRJ said:

Fine, here’s a picture of him starting to peak from behind the apartments. 

I apologize if I insulted you, that definitely wasn't my intent.  Our pics are similar, so I was just trying to make a joke, but I guess it wasn't a very good one....

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