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Legacy Union (former Charlotte Observer redevelopment)


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20 hours ago, CLT2014 said:

While pretty to look at from far away, the lack of retail and interesting uses at Legacy Union other than parking and office has still left this pretty meh. The main thing locals can do to enjoy this space is stare through the lobby glass at Bank of America employees going to work or awkwardly sit on a bench around the plot of grass. Given the prime location, the execution and plans so far show little promise for activating the area after work. Luckily Ally Center across the street might save this portion of Uptown from being relegated to a 9 - 5 office park. 

I remember when this development was rumored to contain a lot of retail, which never materialized. Hopefully retail will be added at some point.

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2 hours ago, Urban Cowboy said:

Folks on here have talked about Stonewall and Tryon as the "new" Trade and Tryon... Sorry, I just don't see it. Especially with the food hall coming to 101 N. Tryon coupled with the gold line.  The Publix, Spirit Square, and Truist Tech center are going to further help the north side of Tryon as well. 

Stonewall and Tryon has:

  • DEC - No street activation.
  • LU1 - No street activation.
  • Gantt - Museum entrance, yes - but no retail or dining to speak of. 

So, that leaves us with Ally: an Oak tree, an ice cream shop, a salad place, ramen place? and a few other restaurant spaces at the stonewall intersection. Granted, Crescent deserves to be applauded for their focus on street level interaction here. But the only thing hypothetically pulling any uptown gravitational center South is the development occurring in South End. Hopefully Lincoln Harris can create a more engaging space once they develop the corner parcel that fronts Stonewall and Tryon.  

So 10 Tryon is actually moving forward?  The Truist Tech Center is a confirmed thing?

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Legacy Union’s retail is in the Garage of America (or at least it will be). If the building at Graham & Mint has ground level retail facing both the promenade and the street and the building at Tryon & Stonewall has retail facing the street and the area in front of BOAT, along with the restaurant KJ mentioned at Deloitte, you could have a pretty good experience at LU.

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