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Legacy Union (former Charlotte Observer redevelopment)


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On 9/3/2021 at 7:09 PM, KJHburg said:

my drive by photos today.  wonder if this is the new US Bank Tower??? anyone know who the anchor could be?  Lets see if it took 2 years or so to build and Truist is not going to renew US Banks lease in their tower they US Bank needs a home.   The blank wall of the BOAT will open into the new tower. 






 Could be, they have certainly been growing their presence here for many years now  … 
“The talent pool here is just so good."



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16 minutes ago, KJHburg said:

if that article is still correct they have 81,000 sq ft there and they have a floor or two over in 201 S Tryon which makes they probably 100K or more space big enough to anchor a 400-500K building and they may want more space.   Truist does not want a competitor in their building but will honor their lease of course and since most leases are 7-10 years they are up soon.   Lincoln Harris will just start a building and then release renderings.  Be on the lookout for that address 600 South Tryon as that is what the building they marketed there was addressed.  I would guess a 20-25 story building or so give or take a few floors. 

This is three years old … 

“In fall 2019, U.S. Bank will expand its retail banking presence to a new state with the opening of its first branch in Charlotte, North Carolina. Retail banking expansion complements an already strong U.S. Bank presence in Charlotte, which is home to roughly 800 employees across several business areas, including Corporate & Commercial Banking, Investment Services, Risk & Compliance, and Mortgage. 

U.S. Bank is in the process of filing its application for expansion in North Carolina with the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency.”

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Great find, KJH!  Very interesting to see the site plan...I'm sure it's not finalized, but interesting to see that 600 ST won't be connected to LU1 (BOAT).  I was under the impression that wall was meant to be temporary and that the new tower would be connected (similar to how the Deloitte tower is.  Also, hope the grey structure to the left of 600 ST isn't a parking deck lol.  That is such a crucial intersection and plot of land though.  There needs to be less lobby and more retail for this tower considering the location.  Retail should face the plaza, Tryon & Stonewall st and feed off of Ally's retail/foot traffic (could be a pretty neat area if executed correctly).

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4 hours ago, Mgelbach said:

Wish I could contribute to the discussion more, but just here to drop off some pictures of Honeywell!




This is the best photo combo of Honeywell and the garage. I mean the garage is not bad looking to be honest. Great shot!

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Looking at the drawing here, and the massings from the JLL/Duke thread, I have to wonder if this won't be something similar. Parking podium with 2 towers on top, Office tower and a Hotel/Apartment tower, with retail on the bottom in the 15,000 - 20,000 sqft range. 

Also 600 S. Tryon is on Loop Net now: 


16 Stories, 48,000 sqft floorplates for first 4 floors, after 26,000 for the next 12. 

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3 minutes ago, KJHburg said:

That Loopnet listing has been on there for about 2 years just marketing the site.   I do agree it will probably be a podium parking deck with 2 towers above probably the other one hotel or residential but the height could be more than 16 stories depending on their size of anchor tenant which they may have.  

Interesting... Also realized the propertyshark listing was for the 650 floorplates... oh well. 

As a side note, looking at the remaining future development site, that is still a huge piece of land, and could accommodate 2 BOA size towers, and maybe 3 towers the size of what is drawn on 600 S. Tryon....  

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