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44 Collier

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orulz    106

A new building at 44 Collier to house a pretzel store, something beer related, and a new restaurant by the folks who run Early Girl, is making the rounds in the news today. On this lot currently is a 1 story concrete block industrial building. Sounds like it will probably be a two story retail only building given the lot size and the square footage.


It seems that the real estate community views the South Slope as the next big thing. This is a modest, retail only proposal with seemingly a very good chance of happening. There were a number of huge proposals during the last boom (Zona and Ravenscroft clearly fall within the South Slope; Dixon and Ellington are debatable.) The only thing to actually get built back then was Lexington Station.


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rooster8    15

The Mountain Xpress article said the building could be completed by the end of the summer.  That seems soon to me, but I guess if it is a smaller building and/or it's modular in construction, it shouldn't take years to complete.

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