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Guest 5th & Main Urbanite

After a long break, (my last post was in August when I resigned as moderator) I hope to participate in the fray again on a very limited basis. I have been busy with decorating my new home, and adjusting into life here in East Nashville. I have been active in the music, art,  and restaurant scene on the East side, so my interests have not been with the built environment, but I hope to get involved again on a very limited basis.


Work has been hectic, and family responsibilities have been numerous including a trip to New York City.


With that being said,  I have followed the built environment on a very casual basis. I have read the forum even less, so I will have to ease back into participation, but I have missed it.


My only post was the post recently regarding Dave Luna. He would be astonished and pleased at what has transpired since his passing. I still truly miss him, and I believe he is here with us in spirit or in some cosmological realm.


My future plans are focused on the development side which at some point I will be looking for an equity partner, and then buying some property for rehabilitation. That is all for now on that.


Glad to be back!





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