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Jet Pack rentals.


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It all started with a dream when Greenville Jetpack Rental's CEO, Terrance Woodburrow, took a trip to Alaska as a child. He saw three eagles fly over his campsite, and an unquenchable thirst for flight was sparked. Forty-five years later Terrance's dream is becoming a reality with the launch of Greenville Jetpack Rentals in Greenville, SC. With twelve employees and a fleet of over one hundred jetpacks, Greenville is well on its way to becoming the first city in the country to offer a fully functioning jetpack transit service.

Prepare for launch: http://www.greenvillejetpacks.com/

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The Twitter and Facebook pages were only created on February 21 and 22. The guy is clearly made up.


And apparently, they used an image of a real jetpack. But one that runs on gas, not battery like the website says.


The question is...how long can you run a fake viral marketing campaign before you either disappoint, alienate, or piss off the general public?

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This is either something big, like JetBlue or something silly that is spending an insane amount on marketing. Either way at least we'll find out soon. Press invites to the event should go out Monday. 


I wouldn't mind if it were even just a major announcement for Erwin Penland. I'm not sure if they'd ever pull a stunt like this for themselves, but it would be exciting if they had a major growth announcement, or plans for consolidating their staff into one building. 

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