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MI (and GR) fares well in new projects

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GRDadof3    1818

Not exactly sure how they define projects but they say 'facility deals' with Grand Rapids #10 in the nation for the 2nd tier metro population category.  Speaking of that tier what the heck is up with Dayton?  I thought that town was dying!



I think Site Selection focuses a lot on industrial projects, because big industrial companies are more likely to use a site selection consultant to help them find and add new facilities, and use tax credits, which make it easier to track this info. So the 23 for Grand Rapids are most likely plant expansions and new facilities. It would be nice if they listed their methodology and the data.


It's good news. It's all about more jobs.

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RegalTDP    266

The criteria they use for their database is here (link to PDF).  It's pretty much limited to large corporations and new industrial facility announcements.

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