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New MSA/CSA configurations


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Looks like Anderson County is being added to the Greenville MSA: http://www.whitehouse.gov/sites/default/files/omb/bulletins/2013/b13-01.pdf (Page 15) New name of MSA is Greenville-Anderson-Mauldin, SC MSA.


Indeed. This also makes it the largest MSA in the state (once again).


There were a couple of changes overall.


Hilton Head-Bluffton-Beaufort is the state's newest MSA, consisting of Beaufort and Jasper counties--basically the same as the former micropolitan area, just with a new designation. The population, according to 2010 statistics, is 187,010.


With Anderson County added, the 2010 population of the Greenville-Anderson-Mauldin MSA is 824,112.


The Spartanburg MSA, which used to consist of only Spartanburg County, added Union County. The new 2010 population is 313,268.


The Columbia-Newberry CSA has added Orangeburg County, making it the Columbia-Orangeburg-Newberry CSA. The 2010 population is 897,607.


But how about this? The Myrtle Beach MSA snatched Brunswick County, NC from the Wilmington MSA; this makes it the state's first bi-state metro with the principal city in the state. The 2010 population is 376,722.

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I think its about freakin' time that Anderson was added to Greenville.


The GSP CSA designation makes sense, and to some extent is supports my past argument(s) that Spartanburg is more independent of Greenville than most give it credit for since it is still separate from the Greenville MSA. That being said, I'm surprised Spartanburg wasn't added this go around.


Union being added to Spartanburg is truly indicative of how bad the economy is in that county. I haven't looked at the numbers yet, but the percent of people that rely on Spartanburg for employment has clearly skyrocketed.

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The folks in the Wilmington area are not happy about Brunswick County being snatched from Wilmington's MSA and given to Myrtle Beach, and have called on the feds to make the reversal. Checking out this interactive map from the Washington Post, it looks like the numbers are on their side as almost five times as many commuters from Brunswick County head into New Hanover County for work than Horry County. You have to wonder, then, how this happened. Somebody messed up somewhere.

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