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201 Ann Street up for housing conversion

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This is on the agenda next to 179 Asylum street.  both seeking money from CRDA at the meeting on Thursday.


This is a georhous buildiong, and I honestly hope they make this as condos.  mainly because it would be a fairly small apartment building and people would want to own a piece of this building.  not too long ago it was for sale for 2.5 million  (i think because my brain is only so good) that might have been before the recession hit. 


I am sure this info will come out in time


as an FYI this is the building that was recently Coaches and now is going to be the Tavern.


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Built: 1894
Units: 20
Conversion Cost Estimate: $3.5 million
Possible CRDA funding: $750,000
Owner: Universal Enterprises LLC, Brooklyn, N.Y. Building Profile: Built as a Masonic Hall, the structure still retains many of the Masonic symbols: the square and compass, and the pillars of King Solomon's Temple over the portico.
from the courant. 
20 uits is nice.  no other details, but these 20 unit type projects are essential!
they could definately do condos!
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Yeah. but honestly 179 Allyn is likely going to be noisier.


at least the streets are kinda narrow and not like Trumbull or Main Street.



Urban living includes a little noise.  its the nature of the beast.


At the same time, you are literally upstairs from the Tavern and next door to the russian lady and Agave

so your food and entertainment options are great and insanely convenient.


I dont think I would want to live there though.  then again I might not be their demographic.


I dont go to the bars over there though generally.  I hang out on Main and Trumbull Streets and near by most of the time.


Without seeing renderings or knowing anything about quality, I think I would most want to live in 777 Main, Front Street Phase II, or possibly 101-111 Pearl based purely on location

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From CRDA meeting minutes


201 Ann Street

Mr. Freimuth provided an update regarding the status of the captioned development, including a review of the tax estimates and their overall impact on the mortgage amount, which is subject to appraisal.



I like that there is talk of an appraisal and a mortgage... that could be quick action here

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It appears as though this project made it to the front of the line.

Good for them!!


I love this building and am glad it will become apartments. 


26 one bedrooms is a pretty good number and honestly is appropriate for this building and location.  I dont think larger apartments would do very well over here. 




the apartments are actually pretty large for 1 bedrooms but will also be pretty steep


The apartments will have an average size of 734 square feet with an average monthly rent of about $1,300, not including utilities. Rabinowitz said he is negotiating with parking lot operators nearby for a discount rate for tenants.



If anyone sees any actual activity here, please let us know!


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at the end of this article


there is an update on this project.


Separately, Bronx, N.Y. developer Yisroel Rabinowitz announced Tuesday that interior demolition at his building at 201 Ann Uccello St., where he is converting former office space into 26 apartments is nearly complete and fit out of the sixth-floor apartments will begin next week.


The project has been named The Grand Apartments, and its first units are scheduled to be ready for lease by spring.


It will be excelent to start absorbing the pent up apartment demand my spring!

each new resident will breath additional life into downtown while improving security and perception of security by adding eyes and feet on the street.

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