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NC School of the Arts at risk of closing?


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Republican lawmakers in NC want close two schools in the UNC School system to save money
It looks like The North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics in Durham and the UNC School of the Arts in Winston-Salem are on the lawmakers radar for closing.
"State lawmakers say it may be time to consolidate or close some of the state’s 16 public universities as well as The North Carolina School of Math and Science"
“I believe that UNCG recently opened up a new film school major, yet here 30 minutes away you have major studios and production equipment at the UNC School of the Arts,”
There are duplicate programs at UNCG and the UNC School of the Arts. Which school is likely to close? UNCG or NC School of the Arts?.They are talking about consolidating programs at one school which means that UNCG could end up having the film making program if they are looking to close a campus. UNC School of the Arts could end up moving 30 miles east and become UNCG School of the Arts. Durham's School of Science and Mathematics could close all together or become a part of NC State's programs. These two schools are the only two schools in the system that are not big universities and its highly unlikely any of the big universities would be closed down. Ever since the GOP took over the General Assembly, they have done nothing but stir up trouble. Now they want to cut funding for High Point's furniture market which could leave High Point more vulnerable to Las Vegas. They are making NC less competitive nationally and globally. Which ever schools they close, its going to be devastating to the economy of the city or town its located in particularly since the cities are trying to attract industry and jobs related to these college programs. If UNCSA were to close, ironically it could be by the hands of a Forsyth County law maker who is pushing this. These kind of education budget cuts could even affect Greensboro's plan for a downtown joint university campus if it doesn't get funding from the state. If republicans even consider touching an HBUC, all hell is going to break lose and expect the national NAACP to get involved. The GOP could easily seal their fate of being voted out of the general assembly if they go forward with this ridiculous idea of closing a college. They are screwing around with everything that fuels our economy in NC. What happened to the NC Educational Lottery? You know the same kind of lottery that helped build state-of-the-art schools in Virginia? 
I just noticed the logos are similar
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I dont think any of the schools should be closed and I hope they dont. but if they do, given the choices, its between a school like the science and math school in Durham, or a larger university. The whole thing is crazy. Our state leaders need to find some better way to save money. There is a demand for every school in the UNC school system.

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