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A quick few questions to ponder.

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Guest 5th & Main Urbanite

Since next week is the forum meet, I thought some questions may come up for discussion:


Since we are getting the Ray Hensler Tower, will we get the Sobro as well?


Since we are getting West End Summit with the Intercontinental Hotel, will we get Nashville City Center 2 or another office tower?


If we get another hotel for the MCC, will it be Tony's Marriott or Swerdling's Grand Hyatt or something else?


In other words can Nashville support more than one major project at a time? Could the Intercontinental stop any efforts for another 4 star hotel even in the CBD or for the MCC? Can Nashville support The Hensler Tower and Sobro at the same time? Since we are getting the additional properties behind the MCC starting in the summer could this be too much to absorb?


Because of a lease situation, the Buckingham many not start until 2014. Could that whole project be derailed? Will the CBD suffer because of 4 towers going up on West End and The Gulch at the same time?


I am wondering if Nashville is vulnerable right now by building so much. It could be a 15+ story tower boom, or it could end up being a bust.


The lot has been cleared for the11 story Hilton Garden Inn on Almond Street, yet nothing has happened in weeks. Change of plans?


Lots of questions about major projects. Should be an interesting discussion.



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