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What if Gore had beaten Bush in 2000? What would America be like today? Who would be president today? Many believe that Gore actually beat Bush in 2000. If thousands of votes in heavily democratic counties in Florida had not been thrown out, that would have been the case. Here is how I believe history would have unfolded.


-9/11 would have still happened under president Gore

-we would not have gone in Iraq but we still would have gone into Afghanistan.

-without the Iraq war, the U.S. wouldn't be in so much debt

-the economy would still be on a decline, just not as bad as it was under Bush

-the economic meltdown of 2008 would not have taken place and Unemployment wouldn't be a high as it is today.

-with 16 years of a Clinton/Gore administration, people would be tired of anyone politically related to the Clintons. Hillary Clinton would not have run for president in 2008.

-a republican, either John McCain or Jeb Bush would have been elected in 2008. Sarah Palin would not been selected as John McCain's running mate.

-Barack Obama would not have run for president and wouldn't be president today. He would still be a senator representing Illinois.

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