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flying cars..will it ever happen?


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Never say never. The technology for flying cars exists today but there are reasons why every American doesn't have a flying car in their garages. Primarily safety reasons. In order for this to happen, we would have to use automatic driving technology because its much easier to drive a car than fly a car. A person needs more skill to fly. Most people get in automobile accidents and survive. You get in an accident in the air and you are dead. There could also be the potential for electronic malfunction. Who wants to be in the air if the car shuts off. Even if it is totally automatic, if the car takes you to a destination using satellites and there is poor signals, then what? Also there is a good portion of the public that is scared of heights. Another issue is air space security. People can just fly and land where they want if there isnt enough security in the air. None of this is impossible but I do think it will take a few centuries before this becomes practical.



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