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So, I accidentally clicked on the "store" link today. I was excited for a second to see the store, which I never realized had existed, but all that is there is ad space. I'd love a UP T-shirt or a coffee mug. Just an idea...sell some products that posters can buy to help support this site. It's one of my most visited (if not THE most) sites that I browse. I'd be as happy to be a supporter of this site as I am to support WFAE and my favorite radio stations which I enjoy online (albeit not based in Charlotte), KCMP in Minneapolis and KEXP in Seattle. Make some money off of us to keep this site alive! I don't mind contributing a bit, but it would be nice to get something that we could display to show our support. That, and I have nothing to advertise :).

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Hm. I thought I remember a long time ago (around 2007) they did had shirts and mugs

Yep, it is still there actually...though I no longer link to it on our main menu.

It uses our original logo and you can even buy a thong with it! :-P

FWIW, no money is made from sales...all items on Cafepress are setup at cost. We used to get a steady stream of sales but that dropped off so

I all but took the store offline. I should probably do something more modern, but I'm not sure I have the time or the connections for the printing. I used to even ship boxes of brochures to folks to spread around their cities to explain our site and let folks know we were around.

Anyone know of newer Cafepress alternatives?

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If I buy the thong will it help me pick up chicks?

Well...I could probably guarantee that you'll get chicks to look at you.  :P

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