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Proposed: Pratt Street Apartments-40 units

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Looking at the CRDA site again....


Plans are in place for 40 housing units on Pratt Street



Project Pipeline

Pratt Street - Mr. Freimuth presented a summary of a proposal to develop approximately forty units of residential housing along Pratt Street.



Id love to see more housing on Pratt.


This could be a few of the buildings on the South side of the street.  40 to me seems like it would need to be more than 1 building.  those are not huge buildings.  242 Trumbull was just refinanced by Northland, but I think thats a popular office building, so not likely a conversion prospect yet, and the debt was 11 Million making a project on that scale expensive for that number of units.  it also is on Trumbull, so not Pratt persee


So again, I think this has to be some of the smaller buildings on the S side of the street.  or its possible its that convertec combination of buildings on the North side, but I somehow doubt it.  there is a law firm in there.



lastly, 69 Pratt was for sale then was yanked off the market.  maybe as i said its part of a few buildings being converted together.

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