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Paula Deen's empire is falling because of the use of one word


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tv show cook Paula Deen is in hot soup for admitting she has used the "N" word in the past.


As a result The Food Network is canceling her contract. more in the link. Honesty, most white people over 60 from the south has probably used the word at least once in their lifetime so its not really shocking. Those were different times. As times change people change and she probably heard the word a lot growing up as a child.




people have been mocking Paula Deen with her dishes.


"cotton pickin fried chicken"

"we shall over crumb cake"

"UNCLE TOMato soup"

"Klan Chowder"

"Ku Klux Klandike Bars"

"Back o' the Bus Biscuits"

"The South Shall Rice Again"

"Brown Betty v. Board of Education"

"Swing Low Sweet Carrot Cake"

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