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W.Hart Convent Condos

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The convent on Park St which has been for sale has a company interested in building 400+ condos


This would be a big boost to not only this corner of West Hartford, but also Hartford to some extent.


The strip of trail around Prospect would likely improve some and there might be general improvements to the area with such a large presumidly high end development near by.



this development would allow the near by areas to slowly improve and build of some of the improvement in parkville further East.

The stop and shop was recently fixed up and expanded, and Parkville is emerging as a more vibrant Brazilian neighborhood and as such the businesses have been gaining more visability.


If the cities plans for Bartholomew street and those lofts etc there progress, we would hove a nice area here with plenty of reasons to visit and plenty of Anchors to sustain its health

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