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St. George City Incorporation News

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So who's stealing the L'Auberge Casino area?? LOL! Steal?....this is a two-way street...not a one way street looking thru a straw! St. George "Original Plan" was everything EAST of I-10 & South of

The ones who will fail the classes or do not care    Honestly, the US needs to embrace start-up capitalism, not crony capitalism.

SE BR should get its own school Sub-district after this debacle...with much more autonomy.  State Legislatures were recently pushing for this....They realize they have lost too many EBR families to Li

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So this new city could be called St.George...is it really necessary to incorporate the entire parish that's not in the BR City Limits? That's a large swath from Bayou Manchac/Miss River & Amite River!  With a pop. of 107,000....St. George would be the 5th Largest municipality in Louisiana surpassing Lake Charles....still don't understand WHY Metairie(should be 4th) is not part of this?? Simply bec it's not incorporated?? Anyway St George would be 6th Largest in my book regardless...


City of St. George


After three months of debate, leaders of Local Schools for Local Children voted Tuesday to begin the formal process of creating a new municipality in the southeast part of East Baton Rouge Parish.  The group’s leader, Norman Browning, said a petition drive will probably be launched before the end of September.

The new municipality would be named the City of St. George. Its boundaries would include all of the unincorporated parts of East Baton Rouge Parish south and east of the City of Baton Rouge, including the St. George and Eastside fire districts.

Browning estimated the population at 107,000, which would make the new city the 5th largest municipality in Louisiana.

Up until now, the group has sought to create the Southeast Community School District, and that remains its primary goal, Browning said.  However, efforts to create the new school district have been frustrated in the legislature by a handful of Republicans who have opposed it.  Creation of a new school district requires a state constitutional amendment and a two-thirds vote of both houses of the Louisiana Legislature.  The proposed constitutional amendment passed the Senate but failed in the House. Browning said supporters of the new school district have been encouraged by a provision of the Louisiana Constitution which allows municipalities to operate school districts without a constitutional amendment.

The five largest municipalities in the state are New Orleans, 343,829; Baton Rouge, 229,493; Shreveport, 199,311; Lafayette, 120,623, and Lake Charles, 91,623. The new City of St. George would displace Lake Charles as the 5th largest city.

In order to create a new municipality, organizers would have to secure petition signatures from one-fourth of the registered voters in the proposed city.  The governor would then call an election, and voters within the proposed boundaries would go to the polls and vote.  If a majority of those voting favored incorporation, the municipality would be created on a date set by the governor, who would appoint the first city officials.

Under the Lawrason Act, which governs new municipalities in Louisiana, the first officials would be a mayor, police chief, and city council members.  They would serve until a special election could be held to allow the voters to choose their successors.


*rest of article*



Why the New City would be called St.George


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I like South Baton Rouge out of those! Or Southeast BR.

Just wish the city could have incorporated all of it so they would not have to go through that process! Im gonna always call it BR instead of whatever it becomes.

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 Hummm...Incorporate the unincorporated areas into a new city (St. George), and incorporate Prairieville.  Those two municipalities would feed off each other and continue to grow.  I wonder if the newly formed city in EBR would have a downtown area with all of the skyscrapers that Baton Rouge don’t have.  Just a thought…..Ijs.

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 Hummm...Incorporate the unincorporated areas into a new city (St. George), and incorporate Prairieville.  Those two municipalities would feed off each other and continue to grow.  I wonder if the newly formed city in EBR would have a downtown area with all of the skyscrapers that Baton Rouge don’t have.  Just a thought…..Ijs.

Prairieville doesn't currently have a reason to incorporate. In a decade I believe that will change as the needs of Prairieville will be much different than the rest of the parish.

There isn't even a old grid within unincorporated parts of EBR, so no there will not be a downtown area in St. George, unless you call Perkins Rowe "Downtown St. George."

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St George growth (if incorporated and they manage to create their own schools) would likely come at the expense of Livingston and Ascension.

People who would leave the city for better schools will have another option in EBR. This is assuming the public schools in St George don't suck.

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I'm still kinda worried about what this will do to Baton Rouge proper.

Since Baton Rouge is merged with the parish government, a new municipality attracting suburban residents that would otherwise move to Livingston will be a good thing for Baton Rouge.

Nothing will happen to Baton Rouge proper that wasn't already going to happen....except suburban white flight will just happen closer to the city core.

Sometimes cities just die off. Sometimes they take a shot to the heart and improve. Competitive pressure is a good thing. No municipality in EBR will have LSU, the state government, the garden district, or downtown. That's a competitive advantage.

No suburban municipality will offer an abundance of housing and shopping to the degree that St George will. Few will offer the easy commute to downtown and LSU than the suburban districts in EBR.

If anything, this sort of pulls the rug out from under Ascension and Livingston for a while.

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