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Monroe Ave. Roundabouts and Bicycle Track

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Suzanne Schultz posted this on the FB "The Salon" thread.


I would like to provide a little bit of background to the reasoning for Monroe's street design that some of you might find helpful. Here are the facts on the existing conditions of the road and neighborhood:


There are no stop signs from Guild to North Park on this stretch of Monroe, therefore traffic doesn't stop. The road is in very poor condition. Neighbors for years have had numerous complaints about travel speeds, inability to cross Monroe to get to Riverside Park, and lack of sidewalks.


When there is a large event in Riverside Park such as a fundraising walk (as there commonly is) Monroe is closed down so that the road can be used for the event. And, this is a major connector between Downtown and the White Pine Trail for recreational bikers as well as bike commuters...which are two different user groups. The design of the road includes additional street trees, sidewalks, on-street parking, a 2-way bike track and roundabouts - all of which are being proposed to calm traffic, facilitate bicycle and pedestrian movements, and improve the livability of the street.


Given that there never was a stop sign or traffic light, the roundabouts provide an opportunity for pedestrians to cross through one direction of traffic and then have refuge in the middle island before crossing the next leg. The roundabout is a great deal cheaper than installing a traffic signal in the four locations proposed or paying a police officer to sit and monitor the street.


The cycle track allows the opportunity to separate recreational and commuter cyclists as well as to be multi-purpose for those fundraising events that would ordinarily cause the road to be closed.


An additional benefit is that because of the proposed design, the City of Walker recently approved the continuation of the proposed bicycle facilities across North Park bridge...the beginning of a conversation of bicycle facilities in Walker (which should be viewed as an important win).


Also she called out the potty-mouth who tends to harp on disliked features with vulgarities. :thumbsup:

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