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UrbanPlanet Nashville - Now in Twitter flavor!


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Greetings all!


So after some requests, I have, with permission of our gracious hosts at Urban Planet, created a Twitter account for our forum here. You can follow us @NashUrbanPlanet. You can also search on Twitter for "UrbanPlanetNashville" and you should be directed to the page. 


The goal of creating this is to notify those who are on Twitter about our presence, linking articles related to the continued development of our fabric - be it mass transit, the 715 Woodland St complex, and probably events and other musings of my own. I will also link, as our sources release articles, the relevant topic from this site. It will be a lot of work, but I should be able to stay on top of things. I am not going to necessarily break any news, but you never know.  :shades:


All that said, I will also use this as a way to upload photos of projects in process, so check that out as well. So if you're on Twitter, make sure you follow and keep up to date. We have no financial backing or anything, so don't expect free stuff or promos outside of information and links. 

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