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200 Constitution Plaza School

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The planning board has a zoning change for this property on the dockett.   Apparently someone (I assume CREC) is looking to create a primary/elementary school here.


this might actually help to fuel future growth downtown by creating a quality school for young couples to put their children in.  If the small apartment phase works, the next step will be larger apartments, and some more impetus for downtown families.


This school can only help.


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Yeah, I think that the other interesting or good thing is that it again eliminates a long vacant and difficult office building, puts it to use, and helps to further enliven the Plaza.


something amusing if you think about it is some of the other buildings.


IF as mayor Pedro mentioned, the city considers building a new city hall and consolidates offices, the building nect door that looks like apartments would be vacant and easily could be turned into apartments.


What this COULD mean is a nice plaza with a school, lots of offices, apartments at either end(including the hotel and the broadcase house location as well.


The plaza would finally be what it COULD be.

mind you right now, there is just office space and promise of state workers, but the potentian neighborhood feel is there.


This school helps

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